June 14, 2006 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday morning I felt fine.   This morning I have pneumonia.  Welcome to my wonderful world.

Around 11:00 yesterday morning I started to feel a little bit achy and lousy; by 1:00 PM I felt very lousy.  I took to my bed and thought I was just tired.  I even went and had dinner at a friend’s house.  I couldn’t sleep last night, though.  I had a cough and my bones hurt.  “Better go to the doctor,” I thought.  One chest X-ray and one meeting with my very cute doctor who looks like he’s about fourteen and I find out I have pneumonia.  How can this be?  Well, Dr. Doogie told me that prednisone masks the early signs of infection; this, combined with an underlying lung disease means I get really sick really fast.  Hip, hip, hooray!

Now it’s back to bed with me.

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