Green-Eyed Monster Seeing Pink – IV

October 23, 2007 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized)

But whatever the reasons for my disease envy, it is as misguided — and as earnest — as my son’s fervent desire not to focus on another child’s needs when he still lacks a train or two in the Thomas pantheon. Jealousy is ugly. It turns me outward when I should be looking within. Jealousy is also short-sighted. Of course, there are major fundraisers for breast cancer and not for sarcoidosis. So many more people are afflicted with cancer that it makes sense to spend more seeking to eradicate it. Jealousy builds fences with a mortar almost as strong as hate. Why should I spend my time in Safeway getting jealous about cancer research, when I should instead recognize that all diseases are under-funded and under-researched and that our health care system to treat the afflicted is woefully inattentive to many Americans? My green eyes should be clear eyes. They should be activist’s eyes. But recognizing my inner green monster and the fear and loneliness that created her is the first step to improving her skin color.

If Andrew can learn to be excited to change the world — one piggy bank’s worth of quarters at a time, so can I. So, if you have a few dollars to spare, please donate them to cancer research, MRSA research, AIDS research, sarcoidosis research, health care for the poor, or to any kind of effort that seeks to make the sick well again. I will be.


  1. Paul said,

    Woh!! Now, Take a deep breath

    Seriously though I agree with you


  2. Nancy said,

    Keep writing, writing, writing, writing – get it out – it needs to be seen and heard – it’s OK. I take such comfort and care from my faith….when I find it! All of this sickness, life change, career theft has me grim and stern a great deal of the time and not very faithful. I need to practice my sharing skills – my friend said when I see the word “should” written, it is a judgement – re-evaluate. We forget to take a moment to see what we ARE doing. You SHOULD be writing! Nan

  3. barb said,

    I loved this entry..and know that I was one of the ones you patiently had to spell Sarc out for. I wish that it was not true that all illness is not created equal..but there are a lot of things I wish were different. The morning of the day I read your entry, I noticed my daughter getting money from her bank …I inquired what she needed money for and she told me ” Well, there is a kid in 7th grade who has stomach cancer so the school is raising money for him” So I added to the funds, as did her Dad when he picked her up for breakfast. Your words brought home how we teach by showing. The day before she asked for $3 to buy lunch for a girl who’s family was in so much turmoil they hadn’t paid her lunch ticket bill. She took it to the counselor to he could get her the ticket AND know about the problem. This is the same kid who wanted, wanted, wanted earlier in life, and will again. I just know Andrew is generous…we all are when we are in touch with our hearts, and when we aren’t..well, like Buddha said “Is doesn’t matter how long you forget, only how soon you remember”..thanks for your word weavings! Peace

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