December 20, 2007 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi all–

Jay again with an update.  Rebecca’s doctors have ramped up her doses of remicade and prednisone in hopes of containing the sarcoidosis flare-up Bec has been wrestling with for the past five weeks or so.  She is cautiously optimistic that these horse doses will help, but she still is having terrible headaches and vertigo, making reading and writing still pretty painful (and nausea-inducing).  Her doctors have recommended that she not overtax herself while giving the drugs a chance to work, but she hopes  to be posting again soon and wants to thank everyone for your care and concern.


  1. Nancy said,

    Thanks for the update Jay – goodness and kindness to all three of you – N

  2. Paul said,

    Thanks For the update Jay

    Try and have a great Christmas

  3. barb said,

    whispering care filled words and heart felt prayers to all of you. hope that Rebecca’s body finds the God in the medicine and fully utilizes it. Peace peace peace and healing healing healing. may the arms of those who are caring wrap you in gentle loving kindness and softness.

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