Scenes from Chronic Town

DCP_2643.JPG             back atop Mt. Helena.JPG
Master Andrew                 Boyz Atop a Hill

020_19A.JPG                            07370032.jpg
Sarcoid Girl, Pre and Post Prednisone

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  1. Sessa said,

    Thank you for sharing with us even when you’re going through the worst of your symptoms Rebecca. I appreciate that you take the time to write your posts (I won’t say that I enjoy reading them, I’m sure that it concerns all of your readers to hear of what you’re going through) but I do look forward to reading news of when you’ve been able to spend quality time with your family.

    I too have a difficult time admitting to myself that the side effects from the drugs WILL occur. Every single night I’m taken aback when my assortment of pills send me into a few minutes of intense nausea about an hour after dosing. I tell myself that if I ignore them, I won’t feel the side effects from the most recent prednisone taper. Even today as I sit here shaking & my heart racing I wonder if these symptoms might have been caused by something else. I wonder why I can’t just will myself to feel better (God knows I’m trying!)

    I know it’s time to accept that I’m going to feel lousy often. That I can’t accomplish everything I want to. That I’m going to let my family and friends down – frequently – by having to cancel plans. And to accept that unless I look like death warmed over, others are likely to expect that I can do everything I could do before I became ill, and that it’s up to me to set my own limits. That’s the hardest part, admitting that I have my limitations.

    I admire your courage Rebecca. Hope prevails.

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